Hi, I’m Joy.

I’d like to start by saying I kinda hate my name because it puts a lot of pressure on me and makes people crack really bad jokes. I’m pretty polite though so I’d probably laugh if you made a bad joke about my name and we could forget about it from there on out.

I’m 24, I was born and bred in Norfolk but then I escaped to Yorkshire for university and I’ve just never got around to leaving. I really like old buildings and I hate staying in the house because I like driving and there’s so much to do outside the house.

I wanted to make this blog for several reasons.

1) I used to write loads of stories when I was younger (when I wasn’t singing into a mirror pretending to be a pop star – life as an only child) and I really enjoyed writing. I basically need a hobby.

2) My resolution for 2018 is to explore what it is to be me. I’m mixed race and I always used to hide that when I was younger but, nowadays, I think that’s my favourite thing about being me and I want to record that. So I’m hoping to do more Filipino things this year because sometimes I just feel so damned British.

3) I just really love an excuse to go on days out.

So that’s me. Let’s finish on a photo…